Full House Reading Challenge Card

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Full House Reading Challenge Card


I need to get caught up on my reading card this week. SO my blog goal for this week is to fill out and get were I am at on this card. I love doing this and I'm always looking at it to see what I needs to be marked off but never coming to fill it out. Haha. This week there be a few posts on this... 

Book from a series:

Yeah, I'm like the last person to read Divergent but I have to say any way I'm glad I read it. It's different, well written and keeps you guessing on what will happen next. This idea to this and the characters are amazing. The author has really out done and opened the world to a new kind of stories. Four would have to be my favorite because at first we know hardly anything about him. Slowly throughout the this page turner we get to know who he is and his past. I enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen next, you could try and guess but never really turned out the way you thought. There's some parts that I had to stop and be like did that just happen. I won't point any parts out. But this is a read for anyone who likes things that's different.



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