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We all have our OTP couples we love over the top in book, show or movie; so I wanted to start a weekly post where I get to share with you about my couple in whatever book, show or movie for that week.
(OTP means your One True Pairing)
Warning! There will be fangirl, raving on, over the top rants.

 That's right! The first week is the show of The 100. First, I have to say I fell in love with this show before the first episode was even over. I enjoy how different it was. How kick butt it is and not holding anything back. The characters within the story line is one of the huge major reasons I fell in love with this show.
I must say at first I thought mine was going to be Clarke and Finn (I just loved them together!)

But then Lincoln came into the story line. All quite but I knew he felt something for Octavia. Right away I just had this feeling that something was going to happen between them. Ans I was hooked, they became my OTP. I love Octavia and Lincoln together! There just so different but at then some oh totally the same. They way they play off each others. It is just meant to be.

They come from two widely different worlds and some how find each other. Their story line on how they come together is amazing how he 'kidnaps' her while only trying to keep her safe.Then when the Mountain Men gets their hands on Lincoln my heart broke. I was like 'No, no, he'll be fine. Nothing will happen to him'.
Finally to was out of the power of the Mountain Men back with Octavia were he is meant to be. All is fine now. All is good.... I was wrong. Nothing is as it seems. It's a roller-coast with this show. Ups and downs, turns and twist. I can never guess what is would to happen. But for now Octavia and Lincoln is my OTP for The 100; they are just perfect!

Who's you OTP of The 100?

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  1. The 100 is one of the best all time scifi shows I've seen. I see your point on Lincoln & Octavia, they have been solid and unwavering since they got together, risking their lives several times for each other. Lincoln blew off his tribe for her and Octavia is now essentially a grounder. True love has no bounds! I'm still voting for the obvious, Clarke & Bellamy, because it has developed in a very interesting way. I did not even like Bellamy at first, too much the hard guy and too quick to judgment, but saved by his love for his sister. He's become quite an admirable leader with great qualities now. Clarke has been fascinating from the gitgo, blending harsh realism with affectionate care in an absolutely beautiful wonderful looking woman. Truly one of the greatest appearances on the screen right now. But I don't think she would've gone with the missile kill, that seems out of character to me. I think the writers blew it there.

  2. The 100 has quickly become one of my favorite shows on television right now. I love Clarke and Bellamy together, but the good thing about the show is that I usually can see the characters with anyone.


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