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We all have our OTP couples we love over the top in book, show or movie; so I wanted to start a weekly post where I get to share with you about my couple in whatever book, show or movie for that week.
(OTP means your One True Pairing)
Warning! There will be fangirl, raving on, over the top rants.

 Cath and Levi.... I think I said it all....
No, but really these two are may first and second favorite characters in in this whole book. Other then that fact that Cath is so relateable and realistic. Cath & Levi growing and changing relationship is one of the parts I enjoy the most. There's just simple scenes between them that's just so amazingly cute! They really show, teach, that different people can come together. That looks aren't all that matter. Cath and Levi show that it's all about caring for each others. Not about what they like or what they are a fan of. That is when when it comes do this book my OTP is none other then Cath & Levi!

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