My top 9 Favorite Covers of 2016

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    What can I say this year was full of amazing book covers! I have read almost all the books of here; sadly not all over them but will here soon. Blue and gold, was popular book theme colors for me this year. I also see space and magic a high enjoyed theme too!
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is my favorite, I love the dark navy blue, the gold; so many feelings! Black Moon, is my favorite cover of this series; that purple is my favorite shade of purple and the stars are wonderful! Children of Eden, where do I start with this cover? I enjoy the cover, it's crazy cool without over powering the eyes. Crooked Kingdom, I can't even start with this cover, it's just astonishing! The dark colors with the red pages... it just stunning! Rebel of the Sands I love the boarder, starts and the colors fit; the overall theme of this cover is one of my all time favorites for this year. The Sun is Also a Star is on the list of covers I want posters of. Its simple but powerful! Ten Thousand Skies Above You if you didn't know, this series covers are one of my top favorites; I just love the colors and the collage theme of the covers. Zenith I have no clue where to start with this one; even though this book was offered only in E-book, I love this cover. The cover always pull me in. If I happened to pass it on twitter or Instagram, I'd head right back to it and read whatever is says; I per-ordered it & love it! Aerie, the ship anchors looks as if its breaking off into starts, the purple and yellow background it's just beautiful.
    It was so hard to pick my top nine favorite covers, there's so many covers I enjoyed this year. Took my an hours to make that little photo, I kept switching the covers out. I can't wait to see what book covers await for us in 2017!

What was your favorite cover of 2016?

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