Little Wings

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 Little Wings

Little Wings was enter in a Competition on Movellas last year, I did not win but I sill love this story.

Quinn has lived most of her life with only her mother and her. But when her mother gets remarried and head to her honeymoon. Quinn is ships off to the land of barbies, beaches and her father.

[Inspired by Little Mix - Wings] The competition on Movellas was to pick from one of the five songs they that listed and write a short story based around the song you choices.

Sneak Peek....

“But you don’t forgive me?”

“Maybe one day but not right now.”

 “I’ll make it up to you.” Now it sounded as if he was speaking to himself.

I hugged my father goodbye then I boarded the plane. I guess everything I went though those weeks just shows me that I can make it. No matter what, I’m going to fly. I’ spreading my wings; fly high as the skyscrapers. I didn’t brake down, cry, or even sink to their leave.

I’m firing up on that runway called life I’m going somewhere with these wings.

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