Interview with Cynthia Pinga

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~Interview with Cynthia Pinga~

Today, I'm posting an interview that I had with the amazing Cynthia Pinga. Her debut single will be coming soon and I got the lovely chance to work with her on this interview. And hoping to work with her again. Hope you enjoy these questions. Please don't forget to like and follow her on all her sites to keep up with her latest news.
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What kind of music do you sing and why?
Pop and ballad. Probably because I grew up in the 90s with those kinds of songs – boybands and all. Not that I’m outdated but I’m pretty sure there’s still a demand for pop music.

Who inspires you? Musical and non-musical?

Musically, I have to give Westlife the credit. Following them for their entire 14-year career, went to their concerts, it just inspires me so much to see them as one of the strongest lasting boybands for the past decade. Inspired by their songs and success, I’ve always dreamed of being as successful as them.

Do you write lyrics or music?
I don’t really write music but I do write lyrics, and then just compose music from it.

Do you play instruments?
Yes, I do. The organ and pretty much those major chords on the guitar since I actually picked it up myself.

When did you know you wanted to sing?
Back in 2010, when I was in my university years, out of nowhere I wrote my very first lyric. And since I’ve been singing for various occasions, I said, “Why not write and sing my own songs?”

What do you hope will come from your music?
When I listen to music that connects with me, I feel happy or perhaps when there’s no one that I could talk to, music understands. So, with every lyric that I write, my aim is to connect with people through my music. Some of my lyrics might not be something which I’ve experienced, but if I can feel it when I write it, I know someone out there could connect to it. Someone out there is waiting for a song to connect to.

Single questions!

Your single is coming out soon. Did you help create the song?
Yes. It’s a song I wrote and composed few months back and recently had a chance to record it with Pulse Soundworks. The track will be produced by Madan Psytrus, vocalist and guitarist of the band Hard Candy.

With your single coming out soon, do you have any plans of making a music video, playing venues?
As of now, there’s no plans of making a music video but will definitely be playing live at some places. For a start, I’d probably be playing in Merdekarya, Petaling Jaya soon.

Time for some non-music question!

If you could see yourself in ten years, would you or would you keep it a surprise?

At some point, I think almost everyone would want to see their future (laughs)! But then again, I’d rather keep it a surprise, things would be more exciting then. Basically, your current decisions would determine the future. Whether it’s a good or bad decision, it would be an experience as well as a learning curve. So, I’d keep it a surprise and see where my decisions lead me to.

Let’s do a quick round of 'My Favorite'
(Done by Cynthia Pinga)

Food: This is one of those difficult “My Favorite” to answer. Fish ‘N’ Chips is one of my favorites though

Color: Pink & Black

Movie: Too many to choose from. But mainly those love stories and anything classic like “Zorro” and “Shakespeare in Love”

Book: Chicken Soup for the Soul series? =)

Album: Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Westlife – 2002)

Season: Since there’s only “liquid snow” and sunshine here in Malaysia, I only have festive seasons to choose from and that would be CHRISTMAS!!! =)

Cynthia Pinga’s debut will be coming soon! So stay tuned!

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