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It’s a sad day in the world for all 1D fans. But things just chances fans are hyped about rising and trying to buy out Modest Management. The bands management at the time. The fans believe if they do it will/might bring back band member Zayn Malik.

Now, I love One Direction and have for years, yes my heart is broken, like someone tossed a rock though a window. But what does thousands, millions of fans know about owning a band of managing one. I don’t want the band to end because of something we, the fans, did wrong. If there was a plan that I knew, the band knew, would work then I could see this working. But Zayn left because his heart told him to, I would do anything to get him back in the band but taking over a band by us, the fans, might to work or help. 

What do we know about tours, booking them, how to set us the stage, getting the guys on tour, their taxes, rumors, crazy stockers, food, traveling, how much each member get per song, shirt sold, book sold. Where would the first show be how long? Where would the guys stay? What interview would they do in that town? What if they miss a flight? Movie premiere? Album release parties? The list goes on and on. This is why bands get managers who’s been in the music world, or at less to college if this area or who has had family in the business and learned it from their family. It’s a business, I’ve started my own business and its hard work and all a do is promote authors, I can’t even think about how hard it would be to manage the world famous band. I've study this area before, at one points I wanted in the music business, and help manage and record music but I didn't and that's not because it's hard, even though it's very hard, but because I found a different, more strong passion in writing. The point is its hard, so, so, so hard. If it was so easy don’t you think that other fans would have bought their bands before us? I know we are an army and strong, loving, caring, crazy, fun, wild, funny, dreamers, we are the 'we can do anything army'. We are a fan-base that has always been their for the guys, for other fans, it's a family. I would hate to see, we the fans, take over the band and take it down hill. We need to know stuff before we can take it over. It’s like a car you don’t just buy one and then go onto the high, your parents teach, you take a driving class. 

 I love the idea of the band being happier. More say in their music and shows; together with their fans and the fans have more say too. Where the guys can have more say when they work, see their family’s more and all that stuff. But there is some, some many unanswered. I believe we the fans can easily raise the money for this but I would hate for us to jump out of the plane without a parachute. I know this will make millions mad at me but I am a, some-what grow-up, who sees millions and millions of fans with a dream that could lead the band down two roads…one with a plan and one without; I just want to know that there is a plan that has a solid layout to it before we all jump and loss our band, the one that we see from the start, one that we as fans, the fans, built. 

      Once a fan always a fan!
     I love this fan-base!
 KayCee K. 
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