OTP: The Lunar Chronicles

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We all have our OTP couples we love over the moon and back in book, show or movie; so I wanted to start a feature meme every 1st & 15th of every month there will be a link-up that you can add your post to share with everyone!
(OTP means your One True Pairing)
Warning! There will be fangirl, raving on, over the top rants.

   So with Winter coming out in JUST 10 DAYS!! *Fangirl screaming and dancing* ok, ok. I wanted to do this OTP from the start of this but wanted to wait until November first! I am just lost in The Lunar Chronicles and NEED to get the last book. The last book is always a bitter sweet thing. I think that The Lunar Chronicles have so many different kind of characters, that’s what makes this world Marissa Meyer has written so real (As much as being at war with people from the moon can be). But back to the one true paring for me is it…. Cress and Thorne!

   There’s just something about them that has pulled me in and locked me up! They are opposites
who have this pull between them. Cress would have to be my favorite book because of Cress and the different point of views with everything going on. There’s something about both Cress and Thorne that stand out as characters for me, not just as a couple together. I’m dying to know what happens next for them.

   I enjoyed see the bond between Cress and Thorne develop and grow into something so much more than just people whose helping Cinder! With that said I think that the face that Thorne can’t see played a huge role in his and Cress relationship. I love when they first meet and he’s like is that all hair, when she’s on Earth for the first time; I can go on and on. These books are my new obsession right at this moment!

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