Ten Books I'm Thankful For

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 Ten Books I'm Thankful For
That I've Read In the Last Two Years 

 Fangirl I felt like I may be the only twenty something who enjoyed writing fanfic but thanks to this book I've learned I'm not. This book has such a deep meaning to me and the world I live in, that it's crazy how much me and this single character can be alike.

I'll Meet You There has been one of my all time favorites I've read in a while. I think this book means so much because it's about a girl getting out of a small town, following her dreams.

Everything, Everything. This has been one of the sweetest books, I've read this year. I think why I love this book is how strong the leading character is. How powerful she is, also, she reads a lot. ;)

The Lunar Chronicles! This series means so much to me as I haven't been in love with a series with so much heart since Harry Potter. There's been ones I've enjoyed been fan of but nothing like Harry Potter and nothing as close to HP not until The Lunar Chronicles and to have something to love and enjoy makes everything better! 

Saint Anything! I love Sarah Dessen but I love this book even if she didn't write is because of the meaning of forgiving, the meaning of friendship. There is just something I love about this book.

P.S. I Still Love You. I enjoyed this book, for the sister relationships. As well as old friends coming back together. I love when I get to see my old friends from 8th grade, when everything is different but similar too.  

Life and Death. This book brought back my teenage years. Back to my teenage reading and how much I've grown and changed as a reader and person and reminded me how much I love cheesy love stories! 

Red Queen. This is one that I just love. I am thankful for it because it's a great story about different kind of people and show people can be something that they aren't but in the end they are always true to who they are. 

 Matched. This may be an odd series to be thankful for because I now many who didn't like them but I am thankful for them because of the passion for words, reading, writing; this book/characters show. It shows how I would feel if I lived in that world. It also brought the idea that there could be a chance that paper books may be gone witch is an sad thing that should never happen! Ever!

 Harry Potter! I read these as they came out and still today I will pick them up and randomly read them. These books changed my life! Them brought people into my life who may not have came in if it weren't for these books. During hard times of my life, these pages have been there. The world that J.K. made have meant everything to me. This isn't just a story on pages, not just words, they are family. This words have power that FOREVER will be a part of me. 

I am thankful for my friends, family, old and new, words and books, my blog, the stories I'm reading, the stories I am writing. I am thankful for you, who's reading this. Every person who's following me on my blog, Twitter, Instagram, Wattpad, so on. I am thankful to everyone I follow. This year has been crazy, but I've meet some new people, read some breathtaking books and hit writers block; add a niece to my family. There is so, so much for me to be thankful for. I am sending each one of you good thoughts and loves this season of giving. THANK YOU!

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