Songs I Wish That Were Books

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Well, this was the easiest Top Ten for me, but as you can tell there are way more then ten. This is something I do a lot. I'll hear a song and be like, man that would make a killer book. So here is a play list of 20+ songs that I would love to have made into books. I'll talk about a few of the songs.

Jinx by DNCE
DNCE is my newest crazy about band. I am crazy in love with this song. It would be a sweet secret love. Were they playing it cool, but the characters are over the moon in love with each others.

Perfect by One Direction
This could be my favorite song by 1D. But for me the story I see, it just a could over older teen celebs  having that simple free love story. Where they go a do crazy things, even if they're not meant to be together.

Blank Space by Taylor Swift Cover by Tanner Patrick
I see this song as a story that starts of the fall in love fast but then the character switches to a completely person. Be madly in love that's on a roller-coaster.

Don't Say Goodnight by Hot Chelle Rae
I love Hot Chelle Rae and there style so for me I see this song as a summer love story book. The kind you don't want to end because the character as easy to read and its just light, fun.

Castaway by 5 Seconds of Summer
I this would be a beak up story. Were it starts off with the lead character getting dumped and most of the book is trying to find out why, and not waiting to move on but then realize that it's for the best.

Wild Things by Alessia Cara
I see this song as a book about a group of friends who are the outcasts in there small town. They have crazy hair, styles, and just don't fit in their small town; and the best part is they don't care, it's just about them having fun and learning that being yourself is what life is about.

Lihting in a Bottle by The Summer Set
For me this song feels like it would be a story about the last summer before college. Maybe a road trip? Basically the characters last summer of freedom, before adulthood.

Outer Space/Carry On by 5 Seconds of Summer
I love this song and get a lot of ideas from it but for me I get a Syfy feeling. Something like Divrgent, Legnd, or even Red Queen. A young love couple facing the odds.

The Wolver (Reprise by Dustin Tebbutt
This song gives me the feel of a character who finds out their world is not as it seems and has to figure out out to make it right.

Eyes on You by Heffron Drive
Heffron Drive is an band I have been in love with for years now and when I heard this song the idea of a  modern Robin Hood story came to mind.

So there is my brake down of ten songs from my ever growing list. Maybe on day all of them will be turned into stories. (What! I can dream!)

Let me know what you think, and leave your link I really can't wait to read more of these! 

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