Review: Static Mornings: Book of Poems by R.M. Cruz

8:00 AM

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 photo 34308659_zpszaccbqqi.jpgStatic Mornings is a collection of 50 poems for the creative feminine mind. They are the things that come in the early mornings after a good cup of coffee, while you check your social media. They are the small desires, perks and random verses you chant in your head that keep you grounded for the rest of your day. Enjoy and keep steady with your Static Mornings!  photo Amazon1_zpsjsmmtnqx.png

I like the idea of this poetry book. Some poetry books are heavy and dark, but this one is more light, more about creatively, of we are strong and over all the world. These poems are short, some packed with feeling, when other are simpler. The Bookish Sort has my favorite line, “I'm proud to be the bookish sort. Be both the adventure and its hero.” The sound of the words planning on each other with the overall meaning I get from it, just makes the poem great!

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