Review: Words Whisper to Me by JAnn Bowers

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 photo 34914920_zpsuxf3ybzr.jpgTHE POET SPEAKS LIFE, THE SWEETER SOFTER, PEACEFUL SIDE THAT HAS SO MUCH PASSION AND LOVE FOR LIFE. Poetry is emotions. When I write, I become one with the screen and my emotions that I am wanting to paint. It’s my time to release a small chunk of my soul to the world that I will never receive back. With each passing poem, a tender sweet part of me is given within the words and is built within your soul. Poetry is so full of emotions one cannot help but miss the chance to recognize the souls of the poets. To me, as a poet of words and never knowing you nor your words. And as you lift your pen to carve the love to the world; it may only be a mellow of reality of an endless world of inspiration that you have given me to do what I so love to do.

Draw My Pen
I draw my pen to write,
These words to you tonight
 photo Amazon2_zpsp2zckof5.pngBy candlelight,
You guide each twist & turn,
For your soul I thee yearn,
To teach me by your pen
Of inspirational love
Of words


Words Whisper to Me is that! Words whispering a look into the world of writing. Writing is the main theme of this poetry book, along with a dash of nature and love. It's also my newest favorite book by JAnn. Poems like 'Same Star”, “Why hate? Instead of love Why judge? Instead of accept We all live under the same stars and moon We all wish on the same star. ” is playful but full of truth. “Over and Over”, “Who I Am”, and “Coffee & Pen, The Writer's Life” are other poems I enjoy from this book. This book is mostly filled with short poems that have strong messages that can impact you in just a few words. Each new book the poets' poems keep getting more wonderfully.

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