Everybody's Got A Price

12:30 AM

Everybody's Got A Price - a short story I've written for a Movellas competition

Blurb -
In a world where money and price tags matter, Brynlee soon finds herself waking up in the hospital, not remember why or how she ended up there. But only that she lost one of her best-friends. Who she really didn't know. On a path of leaner who her best-friend, she'll more then she sat out too. 

Clip -

"Looking back at Elsie, I could see pain and sadness across her face. Elsie's brown hair stopped right around her shoulders. Her soft blue eyes were red and puff, lips a pale pink. She looked as if she hasn't been sleeping in a while. Waiting to ask why but nothing came out. Her eyes filled with tears as she rang the nurse button.
A middle age nurse with, blonde hair in a bun, comes over to me. Her eyes are a chocolate brown, a sweet smile slips across her pink lips.
“Welcome back, angle.” Running her hand over my head."

If these images break any legalities I sincerely apologize and will gladly take them down upon notification. Please comment letting me know.

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