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This one moved me! I found the characters powerful and meaning full. It broke my heart. This book really made me think. This world is scary but it’s such a powerful story that I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it.


I loved this book! The characters and plot and the color is all things I enjoyed! I thought this book was going one way and it turned out not to and I am so glad it didn’t go the way it did because I like it just how it is.


I love this cover and was a bit shade to give this a read but I am glad I did read it because I had fun with it. I found the message important and the characters are well around.


This is one that blow me away! I thought it was just going to be a simple, spooky family based book but I was very wrong and couldn’t be happier that I was. I like to chills and darkness mixed with diversity.


This was one of my favorite family based books from this year. I had a blast read and learning about all side of these characters family, all there own thought of what she should do and how things should be done. It was just well written!


This is one that brought me to tears. I really opened my eyes to the world and different cultures in today world. Even thought it made me cry it was one of my favorite reads this year. I also love the simpleness of the cover and how it reflects the story.


This has to be one of the biggest surprises from this year and I am so, so glad I read it. I know tell everyone who’s looking for middle grade to read this one because is a really sad, moving but lovely story. I loved the themes of family and friendship within these pages.


Ok, so if you haven’t read this then you need to. I love it! I still think about it and I read it before summer. I love the characters and hardness, the real danger that these characters go through and knowing it’s based on real history just shaders my heart into millions of pieces. Love this colors, writing style, it’s an important story.


This book is based around a sand kingdom and love, love everything about this book. The characters, plot, writings. The twists, it’s just my favorite kind of book. The fighting senses to the world building is done perfectly!!

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