Harry Potter: Scariest moment in the series

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15/01/2015 - Scariest moment in the series

Spiders + me = Arachnophobia
I'm so scared of spiders! I mean even the smallest of one will make me run or jump to the highest place I can.  With that said Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets spider parts scared me. Out of every one Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was/is easiest the scariest. Now that I've seen it so many times it's not that scary but the first couple of times reading/watching, I was over the leave of scad to death. Aragog could easily be the scariest thing...

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  1. That's a good pick! I don't mind spiders at all, unless I meet one that's as big as me. If I was in Harry's shoes and met a 5 foot spider, I'd paint my pants. That's just crazy! So I totally understand this pick! Good thing that crazy car was around!

  2. Ugh! Yes spiders...I got bitten by a teeny tiny one about 10 years ago and found out I was allergic to the venim in all spiders so my arm swelled up to look like a baseball was coming out of my wrist and I couldn't move it. I can't handle spiders of any size anymore!! I skip the parts in this book every time now. Also, the basalisk! Not only were there tons of spiders, and giant ones at that, but there was a big stinking snake too!

  3. I don't like bugs in general, so a gigantic, hairy spider that eats humans is not something I would ever want to encounter. I'd totally faint out of fear!


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