10 Day Hunger Games Challenge: Day 6

8:30 AM

1. Favorite Book. The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mocking Jay.
2. Favorite Character.
3. Favorite song from the album.
4. Favorite Hunger Games poster.
5. Favorite District. 1-12.
6. Favorite Weapon.
7. What is your plan to win the Hunger Games?
8. Team Gale or Team Peeta?
9. Favorite Part of the Hunger Games.
10. Would you sacrifice the deathly Hunger Games as tribute if one of your siblings was chosen? Like Katniss and Prim.

6. Favorite Weapon.
The bow. I only before thought of it as a weapon that knights use in old castle type days. But in this story the write was able to make bow cool. In a way that was slick and much more hazarders then what I believed before.  

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  1. I really love the bow as well. I grew up in Kentucky and only thought of it was something that big hairy men used to kill deer with, but I was able, with the writing of the Hunger Games, envision the use of the bow for so many other things. The bow, while useful for gathering food, was not much more deadly.

    1. I've always liked the bow but never thought much of it. But after the books it's really changed and opened my mind to the bow. I like it know. I wouldn't mind writing something about a character with a bow. That's how much the HUnger Games changed the way I look at it. Much more dangerous and skillful.


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