10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

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1.) Would to be to meet my favorite Teen/YA Author who is Sarah Dessen! I would just love to meet and talk to her. She's my go to for Teen love stories!

 2. Marissa Meyer is my newest craziness about author! I love her books, writing style, characters! Can NOT wait for Winter! 

 3.An endless stack of books! If there's one I want it just pops on to the stack! This could be like a huge problem because there's already a list of books taller than me. So with that... 

 4. My own library this has always been something that I've always wanted! And with wish number three I will need lots and lots of place to put all those books!!!


5. With all the books I will need my very own reading nook! 


6. So with all that room and books, I have no NEED to be able to read much, much fast!

7. With the endless stack of books, I'm sure my personal library and reading nook still will not be enough room so.... I will need a bedroom that comes with built in selves!

8. With that isn't always been a dream of mine to have a Harry Potter room and a bedroom. No one can enter the Harry Potter room but me, with no food, or anything. Need to be perfect!

9. Having the power to bring to life any character to be able to talk with them, ask them questions, and stuff! I could have any of the following over for a nice cup of tea or coffee or cookies. And ask them every single little, tiny questions bouncing around in my head!!

10. Ever from the first few words of Harry Potter, I knew that meeting J. K. Rowling would be my number 'who I would love to meet dream'. It's not just because she wrote Harry Potter, it's the world that she brought to life, the friends I made because of these books. All the laughing and crying I did. How she brought the love of reading to me. Please, her story and everything she went thought and all the stuff she's done for her fans. She is strong, talented, and has an amazing heart! 

What are some of your book wishes?
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