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May 20: Ten Books About Friendship

 1. Pretty Little Liars is one of the first books I think of when I hear the word friendship. I started reading them before the was a T.V. show and all and really liked them. (I love the T.V. show too) but thinking about those books; a strong part of them is based around the ups and downs of their friendships throughout the stories. Stories that have a strong friendship key to it, is something I seem to find in a lot in stories that I toss on to my TBR or must read list. 
2. Another book series about friendship that I got into was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yes, I did see the first movie before reading the books. But it was because of  the characters and the meaning behind the story that really made me want to read the stories. To fine out more about them. This is one I enjoyed because it wasn't just a plain old teen age girl story that show and told about problems. But had problems that not everyone goes through. But at the same time show many kind of problems that many teen girls do go through . 
3. There is also the story of Heaven High (East Lake Series #1)  This is one that I have fallen so in love with. I can sit here and tell you over and over why I love these characters, story plot, twist and so much more. But the part that pulled my in first was the blond between the two lead male characters.
Beau and Edgar. They are best friends, even though they are both from different life style, one has money while the other doesn't. I enjoy how in the story they play off each other as the try and protected Emma Havering. 
4. The next one of my Top Ten Books About Friendship would have to be the one and only... Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl #1) by
Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. 
I read it during the summer, and like I said, fell in love. I read some more of her stories that summer as well but there something about this one the stuck with me and then popped right into my head when I read the topic for this week. There's many thing going on in the story death, baby, love and friendship. This one is a much read for me. 
6. So now, on to the next, and it is... P.S. Longer Letter Later (Elizabeth and Tara*Starr #1) by
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.
Yes, I cried at the end of both the movie and the book. I love this story so much that I just don't know what more to put. If you haven't read it you should. It's one that you'll be happy you did. S.E. Hinton is a more the amazing writer. I love the friendship between Johnny and Ponyboy. 
8. A few left then we'll have hit all ten but first the next book on the list is... The Baby-Sitters Club (BSC) by
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Fisher boys.
10. It's the last one on my list and if you have been following my Top Ten Tuesdays you'll probably guessed it already. It is the Harry Potter series! For me a  huge part of the Harry Potter books was the friendship between the characters. It's a part that plays a role in the way the characters developed throughout all seven books. Reading about them and the adventures they went on is a part of me and as a reader I couldn't be happier with the seven books. 

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  1. Oh I wish I'd remembered The Outsiders! That book is brilliant. I'm pretty sure I've read it twice and both times in just one sitting. Love how it does that complete circle, too. XD Such a talented author. ;)
    My TTT!

    1. Thanks for stopping but and reading! The Outsiders is one my mom told me to read and feel in love with it. I've read many book by S.E. Hinton. One of my favorites!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for coming and stopping by! I'll go give yours a look!

  3. Great choices. Harry Potter topped my list, I adore that series and it has so many wonderful friendships in it. The Summer series is one of my favourites as well, such brilliant books. Nice list :) Here's my TTT.

  4. I love the friendship in the Pretty Little Liars series! I've only read up to book nine because the books seem to just keep going on and on, though I still watch the show. Great picks!


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