Monday, July 27, 2015

My reading age is...?

I took a quiz that that was titled 'We Know How Old You Are Based On Your Reading Habits' and I was like this looks fun! I took it and got....

You got: 23
What a perfect age for reading! As you drift further from the world of academia, you’ll continue to gain more control over your reading choices and schedule. Don’t take that for granted — keep broadening your horizons and never stop reading!

And for once, I got my age. I always get way only then I am on these quizzes. But not this time I hit it right one the nose! Being this age, picking what I read, when and if it's eReaders or not is all the joy of having choices. I can wait to see where my reading journey will take me next.

Take it here, let me know what you get!


  1. I got 23 too and it isn't even in the ballpark, but that's okay. I'll take it. :)


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