The Ever After Box Review

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 photo EverAfterBox_zpsmebunzf2.pngThe Ever After Box, April's was 'Librarians in Love' I really enjoyed this box. Everything in this box has to do with, you guessed it, librarians! I LOVE the library. I was over the moon to learn about this theme and everything in the box really has to to with libraries. The first thing I wanna' talk about is the little box of colored pencils, it also can with a two side coloring cost card. Came with a bookmaker that looks like a library card that they write the check out date on. I'm crazy about socks so I really LOVE the 'Out of Print' 'Library Card' socks.They are soft and a bright yellow, perfect for cold summer nights! This box comes with print books, and e-book code, so with this box you get both formats. The book's theme reflected into its books! The books are about librarians/libraries! I don't know of many books that have to do with libraries so I was over the moon to learn about these books. They are New Adult books called “the Undateable by Sarah Title” and “The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann” They sound like great fun, easily summer reads!

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