Review: Chapter Factory (Book Box)

7:39 PM

A subscription box the girly but still nerdy science fiction and fantasy reader.

Chapter Factory book box is made for book-lovers! Each box comes with one new science fiction or fantasy novel and 3-4 bookish goodies. The book that came with this book was Geekerella by Ashley Poston, it's a book I was crazy to get my hands on. It's simply beautiful. Along with this box came a bath bomb called 'In A Galaxy Far Far Away...' it's a light, simple smell. It also matches the blue on the dress on the cover. Rose Vanilla marshmallows by whimsy & spice smell so, so sweet! They are square, light pink. Other than the book, the socks are my favorite thing from this box, they are white the a hot pink glasses with writing that reads, 'book nerd'. I am a sock person, so these are perfect for me. This box was fun! It's great for readers of science fiction and fantasy or people who want to branch out into these ones. Looking for a new book box to try, then give this one a chance!

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