Mythology, feminism & LGBT in a comic? - Review of Heathen -

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"With that kiss, she gave me answers to questions I didn't know I had. My eyes were opened. I saw a life I never knew I wanted. 
But I also realized neither of us would ever be allowed to have it. Nothing ever felt so good or hurt so much at the same time. I felt my heart swell then break."

Though set in the age of Vikings, Heathen tells a myth relevant to our own culture. Our hero struggles with finding bravery, purpose, identity, wisdom, and love-as all great heroes do. But the hero of this epic quest is a woman. Her struggle is further complicated by patriarchal ideologies and attempts by men to control her, just as it is for women of today.


This is a mixing of mythology with feminism that's a LGBT comic and that makes for a great story. This was a fast read, that just drops you. But I didn't mind the drop because of the strong message of being a storming woman and being who you are no matter what others think. There are a few times when in the book, the characters are telling stories, I enjoyed the change in pace when that would happen. Aydis is the main character, but I feel that this story has many main characters. She is a strong warrioress who's brave and realizes what her heart wants, and even those that's against her cultures believes she fights for that. With the help from her father, she makes a run for it. She goes on an adventure where she meets a few different people who change her life.

I like the take on the Viking/norse world and the Gods of this culture. But I think I enjoy the writes ability to pass on so many different messages while staying within the story. That's my favorite part of the story. I enjoyed the characters, and the plot but the message between these pages are what I loved most.

The art helps tell the story with out over powering the words. The messy, sketchy art is beautiful. The colors set a Viking feel, that takes you back in time yet takes today's world too.

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