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Alice had her whole summer planned. Non-stop all-you-can-eat buffets while marathoning her favorite TV shows (best friends totally included) with the smallest dash of adulting--working at the library to pay her share of the rent. The only thing missing from her perfect plan? Her girlfriend (who ended things when Alice confessed she's asexual). Alice is done with dating--no thank you, do not pass go, stick a fork in her, done.

But then Alice meets Takumi and she can’t stop thinking about him or the rom com-grade romance feels she did not ask for (uncertainty, butterflies, and swoons, oh my!).

When her blissful summer takes an unexpected turn, and Takumi becomes her knight with a shiny library employee badge (close enough), Alice has to decide if she’s willing to risk their friendship for a love that might not be reciprocated—or understood.

- Goodreads

This. Story. Is. A. Must. Read.
I love the diversity in this book. For me, Alice is a strong, loving character. She's my favorite in this book because he's funny and true. Her love for TV shows is something I can relate to. She's asexual she goes on a bit of a roller-coaster in this book but never gives up who she is. She works at a library I love books set around libraries, bookstores, or books and so no. So, those scenes were a blast for me.

 Takumi is charming and clever. Alice's best friends are Feenie and Ryan who are a joy to read. I do like Ryan more out of those two but they show what friendship is like, that's it's a bumpy road, hard but worth it.  Her family is a mix of crazy, but I like the different kind of family relationships; Alice's parents and her siblings are similar yet different. They all just want her to get a good paying job in a field that she doesn't want to work in, causing drama.

This book felt like an older YA almost an NA kind of book. The writing is wonderful, plotting flows well. I also love the cover, the colors and feel of it fits the story perfectly. 

This book is bubbling over with cuteness! The witty, push and pull, is worth the read. Not only is this book swoony, it's filled some real, moving and powerful scenes of truthfulness. An easy five stars for me.
I received a NetGalley ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't in any way influence my opinion on it. So, this is a 100% honest review by me.

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