- Review- The Art of Escaping - A crazy joy ride of escapology & filled with witty characters! -

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Seventeen-year-old Mattie has a hidden obsession: escapology. Emphasis on hidden. If anyone from school finds out, she’ll be abandoned to her haters. Facing a long and lonely summer, Mattie finally seeks out Miyu, the reclusive daughter of a world-renowned escape artist. Following in Houdini’s footsteps, Miyu helps Mattie secretly transform herself into an escapologist and performance artist.

When Will, a popular athlete from school, discovers Mattie’s act at an underground venue, Mattie fears her secret persona will be exposed. Instead of outing her, Will tells Mattie a secret not even his girlfriend knows. Through a blossoming friendship, the two must find a way to express their authentic selves.

Told through the perspectives of the witty main characters, this funny and fresh debut explores the power of stage personas and secret spaces, and speaks to the uncanny ways in which friendships transform us.

- Review -

This book is a blast! Where’s do I start? First, this book flew by. I started it and then out of nowhere, it was over! And I couldn’t believe it. There is a mix of different characters whom all play their own parts, that fit into the story. My two favorite characters are Miyu & Will. Miyu is witty and is a joy to read! Will is a caring and such a strong character.
For me, I haven’t read many books that have anything to do with escapology and mash it up with teen/young adult life. I also enjoy the theme of not judging people, keeping secrets for friendships and being yourself! The writing style is great, there are some flashbacks which I found neat and play a huge role in the plot. Overall, I feel that going in only knowing two things will make this a crazy joy ride, so first, the escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. Second, it's filled with witty characters!

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