Dispute By: KayCee K

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  Dispute By: KayCee K

Short story a entered in Different Sides of the Dispute Competition on Movellas.

Fighting for a new life; The  Immunity wants rules, power and The Collected wants freedom, rights. Trew and Syrah don't remember coming to this new land all they can remember is how much the Immunity and the Collected hates each others. They don't know why, don't understand but the fight for control is on. Who will win?

Sneak Peek....

“I’m a Collected…” I said standing up. Unsure what I’m going to say or do. “I don’t remember coming here but I remember the life after. I would see little kids in gray playing and I would want to join them. Asking my mother if I could, she said no that it wasn’t aloud and to never ask again. At that age I didn’t understand why I couldn’t play with the kids in gray.” I didn’t realize I was looking at the floor.

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