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The Circus in MeThe Circus in Me by S.M. Bjarnson
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The Circus in Me by S.M. Bjarnson was, well what can I say a gem! A gem shining brightly lighting up the area around it. Many people should be reading this. S.M. Bjarnson's styles would have to of been my favorite part about this story because her ability to string words together to tell a story like this is breath taking. She has the power of making her word come to life inside your head. It's hard to believe that she is a young writer because her ability and writing style seems as if she's been working on it for years and years.
I don't know a lot about Mormon, but I feel that S.M. Bjarnson's story is a well based balance between everything. There isn't too much of one this or too much over another. I find in some stories writer don't balance, but in Bjarnson's story has that quality.
Tracey is a young girl leaning her way through life. In the being she loses someone close to her and having the change to leave, going to a new place. Building a life that she wants, being the person she wants is something that I feel Tracey thinks is import. Tracey is a different lead character, then in most books I read. In more books I read Tracey would be more like a side character. I found it to be like a fresh breath of air to be read a lead character that is so different.
This is only a 172 pages that will feel even shorter, but oh so worth the read. Readers who like a different style of writing, stories you like a quick pace and one that is different than your everyday reading. This is a book for you. I enjoy this quite a lot and will be telling all my reading friends that this is a must read.

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