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So, I haven't been posting this, why? Because I've been wrapped up in reading all the amazing One Direction fanfics. Movella is have a "Are you the World’s Best 1D Fanfiction Writer?" competition. So, I've picked three to do for this post! These three are amazing story tells in all there own ways. Each story has there own meaning, ups and downs. So, in no particular order here are three Movellas I've enjoyed reading.... even though there were so many, there's were the ones that popped first in my head.

Release by Orange Beanie
This one kept me guess on what was going to happen next. I was never quite sure if what I thought was going to happen would. For me, the is one of the best parts of a book. Is the 'What's going to happen next?'
Also, can I just point out how cute this cover is!

living with my bully by Mrs.Payne_Irwin
When I first see this one, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. As it seemed like a fanfic I've read many, many times. But its not it is its own fanfic in many ways. One that I think many readers will enjoy. There is a dash of drama and twist that will keep the readers wanting more.
As for the cover, the photos give you a sneak peep to what the book is about.

Save Me by Sabitha.K

 "How did an angel become a devil?" That is the first line you'll read of this and from that point on its hard to stop. This was one that I can not wait to see where it goes, as it only has a few chapter, I'll be waiting to know more. 
As well, can I just say this is a great cover!

Don't for get to give mine a read here!

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