Blogoversary 1 Year!

6:16 PM

 Thank... You to All!

    Well, the day has came. It's hard to believe that its been one year. One year of blogging. (not every well or as much as I would like) But it's a start. A start of sharing and if you've been reading my blog you'll know that's my goal this year. 
    So, I was talking with a writer friend of mine (the amazing S.M. Bjarnson) and she said I should start a weekly writing challenge thing. I did some thinking and made the choice to start one. I'll be posting the first one on Monday. But now back to all the thank yous I want to say to the few people who have been reading my blog but it means everything. With this new year of blogging, I'm hoping to blog more, share more, and just all around write more. With that said I want to leave you with one of my favorite thank you quotes in a photo I edited.

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