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11:46 PM

So, this week I'm picking two that was entered into this competition that I have enjoyed.

 15 is one that has only one chapter and I hoping the author will be writing more. 15 is a good story that I think many teens girls will like, because it's simply a sweet book that needs reads. As there is only one chapter I can't really review it. But it's good so far.

Blurb: Today was going to be the best day of her life. Maddie couldn't believe she was already turning 15. This was going to be perfect, nothing could ruin it. Or so she thought.

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FASHION by A Chemical Reaction


A Chemical Reaction has just began, there's only two chapters but they're really good. I enjoy the start of the characters Ellie and Chloe. They are the first two characters you'll meet in this story. The story follows them, and the model world; so far. This story is well written and I hope the Author will finish this book. 

Blurb: Not all supermodels look the same.

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If you are a Movella Author and want me to review your story comment below with the link.

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  1. We love both of these stories too KayCee - good find.

    1. Thanks, for reading & sharing! They are good stories, I can't wait to see where they go! :)


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