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This is hard to put into words... Glee ending isn't something a fan like me would ever be ready for. The first episode May 19, 2009 and the last it tonight March 20, 2015. My sister and I have been watching it together and it's kinda 'our show'. We watch many of the same shows and this is one of them. It's a chapter ending it our T.V. book. But this girl here is wear her Glee shirt, re-watch favorites past performances. These are times when I realize that I get hooded way, way to easily on characters. This post is simply a way to share why I love Glee and how I will miss it.

I remember the first time I wanted it and will never for get the last time I watch the last episode.
There are chanters, parts and things I will never forget. Songs that will bring back the memories of this show. I've been on a roller-coast of feels with this show but I would never want it an other way. This is a show I will always love and always cry at some Finn parts and always giggle at some Sam Joke. Or smile when they there are happy and fell sad when they are. This is a show that I will forever be a fan of and not can or will ever change that.

I have a few OTP (OTP means you’re One True Pairing). But right when this character came in to the
view I knew who my OTP would be.... Kurt and Blaine! I just love them together. I don't know why, they are simple as cute and perfect. Kurt and Blaine relationship has had it's just and downs but I knew they would end up together. So, I wasn't a fan of 'their wedding' not how I thought it was going to end but let’s face it, the last season and half isn't how I believed it was going to go. They were other couples I love together in this show.

This show faced problems that have become a major issue in today's world, that when I was growing up really wasn't being face. I love how this show is all about being yourself. If it's standing on stage signing or believing in something that others don't. Standing up, believe, and being yourself is what Glee has taught us in the past years. No, more shows are doing that. Glee was one of the few first shows that I've been that took a look at the world of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.) in a way that wasn't just making fun of it. Yes it did that too.
Made fun of different things but there was a message to be found in every show. This is something that I looked forward too. See what problem of today's would they were going to take on next. What one were they going to show there watchers. Glee isn't just a fan base or a show. Glee was and is a simple way that they taught us. I've always been different and learned at a young age I was never going to fit in as I wasn't or didn't was to be the person next to me.

They don't see why I would want to live at home taking care of my family and at first I didn't want to example why but Glee has taught me to. I'm a writing who hardly shares her work. I write fanfic, and sign when doing the dishes. I live in a small town I hate but learned to make the best of hit. I over paint my nails and read too many books. I've started my own business and enjoy helping others. All of this is just small parts of a puzzle that makes up me! I am me, and nothing anyone can say or do can change that.

Glee has made me a strong person by showing how the characters become strong and that bad doesn't stay forever.
and Finn, Santana and Brittany, Mr. Schuester and Ms.Pillsbury, Quinn and Puck, Jack and Marley, Sam, Artie, Tine, Kitty, Mercedes, Beiste, I could go on and on. These characters I've grown to love on this show it by far a long list.

Glee is more the just people acting. It's more then amazing signing and funny parts. It's about life,
some what, but this shows so much. So many parts are going though my head. From when Artie and Tine dated to Mr. Schuester was dancing on water to the first time Finn came to see Rachel. To weddings to winning to losing to fighting. Egged car to having slushie tossed in their faces. To having dreams to making them come true to wrong choices. These people are ones who have help devolved the way are world things about life, music, being different, being yourself, and so much more. All the smiles, tears and giggles, and signing at the top of our lungs is what this face base will have left after tonight. And nothing can ever take that away.  

Music has always been a part of my life and I enjoy High School Musical; so when I learned that Glee was going to have singing in it I became thing giggling girl who need to know what songs were going to be on next week. Below you’ll find some video that I can’t help but love.

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