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Books That I've Read That Were Made Into Movies!

Yes! The first on is Harry Potter! But I read all the books seen all the movies and it's my all time favorite book, movie and book to movie as well!

I read these as a teen and was nuts about the movies. The first one more then the second one but I just love the characters and even no the movies are different there's still based off the books and the characters are close to the books.

So, I haven't read all the these books but I've seen all the movies that are out. I love the characters. That is what pulled me to both the book and character to these.

The last movie is coming!!! I can't believe that the last movie comes out this month! It's hard to believe. I enjoy how close these book and movies are. The characters and yes, even the plot!

The DUFF! Oh my word! I enjoyed both the book and movie but there quite different, sadly. But over all both are great!!

Romeo and Juliet!!! To me the greatest love story of all the time! I just love the boon, play and movie so, so much. There is just something about the writing and the play, this world and character I love!!

The Outsiders! I've was the movie so many time before I read the book but it didn't make any differences I still love the book, and it's one of my go to movies, for movie night with my mom!

I read this book, thanks to my mom who told me to read, I fell into the world and love it. So, once I found out that it was going to be a movie I know I need to see it. I enjoyed it but still like the book better! 


I LOVE both this book and this movie, There are prefect!!!

I just read the last book! And I can not wait to see rest of the movies! I enjoy the characters and plot of this book so much! I just can't put it into words how much I love Four and Tris!


This was on of my favorite fantasy/YA book as a teen and when it was made into a movie! I love both the book and movie so much. I've one of my go to for simple, enjoy movie!

I love this book! I liked the book better an the movie but I think that's because in the book you get to know the lead characters more.

My little brother and I love the movie. I read the book and parts with him and enjoyed learning about the past of the characters! But the characters in the book and movie are a bit different but still enjoyed it!

If you follow my blog you know how much I love, LOVE Sarah Dessen! And when I found out that two of her books got turned in to a movie I about lost it. I know a lot of people don't like this movie but for me I love not as much as the books but I still enjoy it for a cheesy teen movie!

Sadly I didn't like this book but LOVE the movie. It is my go to for love movies! I love the characters and plot in the movie but found the books to be boarding. 

What Are Your Favorite Books to Movies!?

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