[QUIZ] What Shadowhunter Job Would You Have?

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What Shadowhunter Job Would You Have?

You are The Inquisitor

One of the highest-ranking officials, you investigate Shadowhunters, making sure that they have not broken any Shadow World laws. You typically serve as the prosecuting attorney on Shadowhunter trials, and are legally permitted to use the Mortal Sword on Shadowhunters to compel the truth out of them. Just try not to abuse your power!

 My Thoughts! 

Haha, sound doesn't sound very fun but truth is. That is me! I'm a rule following, rather be at home reading or watching T.V. than going out (Unless it's too a book store then I'll be the first out the door!) 

Please feel free to take the quiz and share it here with me! I'd love to know what you go!

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