Top Ten Resolutions for 2016

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Read more classic books. I've read a small hand full but I wasn't to read more. I really enjoy and like the simpleness and feel of classic story's.

Write more blog post. No, this doesn't go just for this blog but for my writing blog. Over all I just want to blog more.

Go to sleep earlier. I go to bed late, like 3AM. So, I want to work on sleeping.

Watch more educational shows/movies. I already watch a lot of education stuff about aliens, government cover ups, European history, and myths. So, I would like to watch more the that stuff and more.

Learn more. There are millions of online classes, I would like to learn more.

Meet and become friends with other book bloggers. I follow a lot of blogger but don't  have many book blogger friends.

Learn to cook new stuff. I am not a good cook, I can make a mean sandwich but that's about it. I would like to learn to cook more easier, health food.

Do more yoga. Yoga really just over all makes me feel better so I would like to do it way more.

Keep up with my reviews better. I have like four book review that I need to write like now.

The biggest one I have is to finish the book I am writing. That is what I really want to do this year.

There's my top ten! Some are much simpler then other but I've all they are simple things that would make me happier. And that's what 2016 is about!

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