Cover Talk: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

3:29 AM

I am here to fangirl over this cover. The day it was to come out it go pushed back another day.

But now it's here!! 

Also, if you have not read the sneak peek, click on over here to read it.

Now the cover talk!!!

Where do I start? Let's begin with the cover altogether. The flow of it from the font to the colors; everything just fit perfectly. Let's talk colors this book color is made up of four basic it black, white red and teal! Oh, the teal, this cover is mainly teal and it's breathtaking. For me this color sets the whole mood of this cover. I don't think it would be as amazing with any other color. The play of red and teal gives it a classic feel.
Font for me is thee most important part of a book cover. It sets the whole stage for the story. I like the white font. I like how there is two different main title fonts. It gives me a mystery vibe. Because it's so simple gives me such a powerful  feeling of unsureness.
Now time for the art, the photo. I love this girl/woman. She look like she can kick butt and looks good doing it. I love the red lips, cheeks, buttons and necklace are just enough of red that it stands out and draws the reader to the read. And I can't but think what does the red stand for in this book.
Now for the dress. I love how it flows down and the base of the dress is the city. I think it may be at night because of how the windows glow. Oh, I love how you can see the dress ripples and lines over the buildings!
Time to talk about those hands. First, these were like my teenage dream glaves. I wanted a pair like that so bad when I was in high school! Time to talk about that little, but not so little knife/dagger. It’s set just right, how her finger is setting just on the point it’s like she’s saying, mess with me, I dare you.
Love how powerful, yet so much class this cover has.There is just so much I enjoy about this cover! 

Let me know what you guys think! Please go and read the sneak peek and follow Kerri Maniscalco on Twitter!

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