Pretty Little Liars Seson One Review

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Season one Notes
This is a huge post of random rambling of Pretty Little Liars. Season one oh how the memories came flooding back! I haven't seen season one in what feels like forever. I've been watching Pretty Little Lairs since high school. Six years! And in April 2017 the last ten episodes will began the end. I can't believe that! Hint the reason for the re-watching.
For first seasons of series PLL it's a strong starting seeing. Great, character building and world building. Loops you in and pulls you right into a knot.
Breaking this down into characters starting with Aria!
When I started watching this back in 2010, Aria became my favorite out of the girls. I love the artery side of her. But also the relationship between Mr. fitz and Aria. They were my favorite out of the couples. (Hint it changes, more than once.) 
The forbidden love; teacher, student relationship. The bond between them and the world of words could be my favorite part about them. The fact they both write, love to read, all of that is my favorite part.

Moving on to Hanna Marin…
The first few episodes I didn't care for her but once her character became more developed she started growing on me. (More about why and her in season two.) But for, now we'll talk about the start of Hanna and Caleb. When watching the first season again I was counting down the episodes till he showed up. I forgot how much I love Caleb when he first showed up. Caleb is my second favorite character of all time. I just love his character so much! When he first showed up and the drama between him and Hanna plays out. Oh my…. They are so cute. That playfulness between Hannah and him is perfection. The on and off. Oh, and his long hair!
When Caleb and Hanna splits, he got on the bus. my heart shattered.
Mona ripping the letter felt like she was ripping my heart. I just…
The character change that Hanna has on Caleb is one of favorite character relationship development in this whole series.

Emily! Talk about character change. Season one Emily has the biggest character change in the season and I love it. Watching her become herself and knowing that Maya is the main reason for that is what makes her such an important character. If Maya never happened Emily character would have been totally different. I enjoy the playful and realness that Emily and Maya brings to the first season.

Toby and Spencer! Awww, I just love them. They are amazing. The way their relationship developed and builds. How much Toby chances because of Spencer and how she affects him, and his role in the show. They are just great example of not judging a person. Toby is my favorite character, from the every start I liked him! Their relationship has many ups and downs but they stay together.

I also totally forgot that in season one there was a different actor who played Jason and other characters. The characters seem so young, this series is a great stage that leads to some of the huge twists that I've ever seen in any story before.

Overall I felt that this, as for as first season goes, is a great building season. Whenever something happens with 'A' I could help but think this is just the start. 'A' has so, so much planned for you. "A" just playing nice in this season; 'A' felt kinda soft seeing as I already knew other things that have happen in the upcoming seasons. I didn't feel there was an OMG twist but this season was a basic building block for this twisted world.

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