Review: Ivy in Bloom by Vanita Oelschlager

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Ivy in Bloom captures the weariness of a young girl tired of a long winter. "I stare out the window," she says on the first spread of brown and gray, "looking for birds or flowers / or even warm showers / but I don't see any such thing." But then Spring comes when "March is out of breath snow melting to flowery waters and watery flowers spring rose from its wintry rest." And Ivy's "heart dances with daffodils." As these words also dance across each spread, Ivy's world erupts into a riot of color.

Ivy in Bloom introduces the poetry of Dickinson, Longfellow, Browning, Wordsworth, Frost and others. Excerpts from their writings, as seen through Ivy's eyes, will open up poetry as a way for children to express their own feelings about the changing of seasons. This book includes longer excerpts and brief bios of each author.

Ivy in Bloom by Vanita Oelschlager is by far my favorite children book I've read this year. I love the story flow of this poetry book. The need of spring, I feel the same way right now, everything it cold and covered in snow. This little girl loves spring, and it goes through her life from winter to spring. My favorite line is “Give me sunbeams dazzling.” There's just something about this line I love! I read the E-book and the illustrations in this book is simple and cute! I relate to this characters, and will be adding it to the list of physic copy to buy!

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