Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books Shows, and Movies!

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February 24: Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books, Shows, and Movies!

Hermione could easily be my favorite heroine. Smart, brave, skillful, and more. She always seems to know what to do. For me that is a huge part of being a heroine.
Hermione's ability to learn, remember and thinks of things; linking things together, solving problems. She's a little nerdy, pretty, and loyalty. She's is one person I would want on my side in a fight.

  Octavia! That's right, The 100! Man, Octavia as became on of my favorite in the show. Kick but, brave, never giving up, those are the three lines I would to describe Octavia. She is one girl I wouldn't like to make mad!

Katniss, The Girl on Fire! So, I felt like I had to put her because of what she stands for; what she believes in. Katniss is one I like, not because she can shot a bow, or knows things but for the fact that she believes in freedom, rights, and her family.

Cinder, Cinder! What can I say... Cinder is a cyborg! She's amazing! I just enjoy her, wittiness, charm, skills. It's hard to tell what it is about her but she's strong, and brave, caring. These are all the main things I see in her; things I believe make her a great heroine.

 Tonks, can I just say how much I love her! She funny, brave and different. Different is a huge part of being a heroine to me. Heroine are different and that is what Tonks is.
She believes in fighting for the right side of things. Being a part of something making a differences.

Tris with everything she's went through she still some how was strong. Caring for the ones she loves. Willing to do anything for the ones she loves. That is a heroine!


Christina, so I think she is one because she's caring, strong and forgiving. Some may not think that's what makes a heroine; but I believe they do. Being able to forgive someone takes strength and bravery.  

 Scarlet is one person I wouldn't mess with or the people she loves. This girl will do anything for the ones she loves; even if it putting her life in danger. That is a key characteristic to have to be a heroin. 

Cassia, she's a different kind of heroine in the first book. She doesn't kick but or anything like that. She brakes rules to follow her heart. That is an other huge key, to me, that make a heroine.

 Penryn once again a heroine who will do anything for her family even if it means dying. Penryn is brave, really brave but then again it's her sister she saving. This book was quite different then other witch means Penryn is quite different. She's also leaning to think outside the box that her world has been put into while learning that not everyone is as they seem.

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  1. Lovely list KayCee! Some great heroines here, particularly Hermione, she made my list too! :D Here's my TTT if you would like to check it out :-)

    1. Hey Emma, thanks for stopping by!
      I add Hermione to so many of my Top Ten's! Haha, I just love her so much!

  2. Katniss and Cinder are on my list too! I've heard people talk about the 100. I don't know what it's about, but a lot of people seem to really like it.
    - Emma Likes Books

    1. Sweet!I love the 100, the T.V. show is much better then the book. (hard to believe as 99% of the time I say the book is better but not when it comes to The 100)
      Thanks for stopping by. Happy Reading!

  3. I LOVE The 100!! I also agree with you choice of Penryn, though I didn't put her down myself she's pretty kickass!

    S.Huston @ Head In The Clouds

    1. Hi, I know The 100 it just so amazing! Penryn is one that just came to me and felt the need that she should be on the list! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

  4. Now that you mention it, Christina is quite a big heroine in the Divergent series. Not many characters have the ability or the strength to forgive like she does, and it's admirable :)

    Cucie @ Cucie reads


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