OTP: Once Upon A Time

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We all have our OTP couples we love over the moon and back in book, show or movie; so I wanted to start a feature meme every 1st & 15th of every month there will be a link-up that you can add your post to share with everyone!
(OTP means your One True Pairing)
Warning! There will be fangirl, raving on, over the top rants.

   My first T.V. show OTP! I've been watching 'Once Upon A Time' and my One True Pairing of this show is... well you can already tell by the photos its Emma and Hook! I love Hook, he's one of my favorite character from this show. He's tricky, cheeky, witty. But really he's sweet. While, Emma acts like there's no place for her, that no one can love her.  They are perfect for each other. Emma and Hook have a playful felling about them. I enjoy watching how hook becomes a 'good guy' while he's developing feeling for Emma. When she first find out, she's not too key on it but with all she had going on its understandable.

   Hook is a character that I love learning his past. There's more and more that I'm learning that I know understand why he is the way he is. I know Emma is the one who can change him, she already has. I believe they are meet to be! At first Belle and Rumpelstiltskin was my OTP but then Hook hooked me in and pulled me into the ship world of Captain Swan! 

Who's you OTP of the week?

I know it's last but on the 15th I had no internet!!!

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