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Fateful #2
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Genres: Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

   The Fateful Trilogy continues with Fractured. No, it’s not called Fractured because Ethan and Danielle break case you were wondering.

   They had thought they’d escaped most of the danger surrounding them, when in truth they’ve made it worse by unintentionally sparking a civil war amongst vampires. Many vampires want to protect them for discovering the cure to the curse binding their kind. However many more want to destroy them for that same discovery.

   Ethan’s and Danielle’s struggle for survival intensifies while they sink deeper into the midst of this danger. The romantic fairytale bliss they once had will soon fracture under the pressure of the curse....

This romantic fairytale isn’t all that it’s made out to be. I love how there's vampires wanting to be a human not the other way around. I also love Ethan’s, Danielle's Mr. Darcy, charm with a dash of wit. He can dance, cook, and more. I understand why Danielle doesn't like doctors, we are alike like that. I enjoyed reading those scenes.
Danielle has it the hardest in this book, more than any one. My heart snapped in a million of piece at one part. Everything she goes through and yet she has to become what she doesn't wait to. I wish there was something I could of done to help. But nothing, not even the wolds perfect cup of tea could of help Danielle.
I couldn’t stop listening to this book.Only four days, and I was at the end. I enjoyed the old-fashioned air that’s weave into the pages.

I adore the characters, the older vampires I would love to read back stories of. The plot was unsure, I never know really where the story was going to go!With unforgettable characters, trouble around every cover with a dash of love; I can’t wait to sink my teeth in the next book!

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