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10:30 AM

4Cold weather, shopping for gifts and bake goodies filling the air! But there is nothing like being wrapped up in a blanket with a book about winter and the holidays that fill it. I am a summer person so winter is spent reading even more! Here are a few books that cover this time of year, a mix of both reading and want to read!

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3These are a mix of fantasy to children to classic but they are all perfect to read for there own reasons. Harry Potter, Little Women, & Holiday Princess are the first I've read out of this group, they are part of my childhood; with those books come with many feels. Dash & Lily's Book of Dares and Girl Online are both set around Christmas in New York, they are both cute and fast reads. You could read any of these with a blanket and a mug of something warm.

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21531436These are four books I'm hoping to read this holiday season! They seem like page turners filled with holiday sprite! I've see A Christmas Carol in many different films throughout my life. I know a little about Let it Snow, What Light, or My True Love Gave To Me, but they seem like wonderful reads!


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