- Blogmas Day 8 - Characters I Would Invite to a Holiday Party -

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1_3Characters are my weakness so this list was so, so hard for me to put together so I had to make a few rules for myself or this list would have been crazy long! Rule one: only two characters from each series. Rule two: only two characters from an author

This was crazy fun but I did leave out a lot of characters I did have in mind for this list because I couldn't find fanart for them like Ramona from Ramona Blue, I spend half hour looking for fanart for her but couldn't find any. So, there are a few that I had to remove but other all I feel that this holiday party would be a blast!

- Hermione & Luna -

These two because they are strong female women who I could see myself talking hours with about a mix of everything!


- Audrey & Thomas -

I love there banters and think they would have cleaner things to talk about.

- Cress and Throne -

They are my OPT for the Lunar Chronicles, I just love everything about them and think it would be a blast to talk with them!

- Magus Bane and Alec Lightwood -

 Need I say more? No! They are perfect & would be so much fun

Cath & Levi -

Cath's a fangirl + I'm a fangirl = we understand each other!

- Maddy & Olly - 

Why? They are so cute, plus Maddy is a reader so more talks about books!


- Molly & Reid -

I feel that these two are over the moon sweet & would be nice to chat with them.

- Lara Jean & Peter Kavinsky -

They are just so cute together! Plus Lara can back, that means she will have some great tips for me!


Please note that I do NOT own the rights to any of this art but if the owner would like me to remove or add in their info just comment below.


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