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Play On Words is an exploration of idioms commonly used in the English language. R.R. Noall explores, dives into, and obliterates their traditional meanings, provoking readers to question everything they've ever said.

I've read a lot of poetry within the last few months and R.R. Noall's is one that made me smile because of the cleave wordplay. There is nothing I like more than neat, thoughtful cleave lines. I like how the title of her poems are everyday phrases we use. Like, bite off more than you can chew or whole nine yards for example.

I enjoyed many of her poems, from "A Penny for Your Thoughts", "Burn the Midnight Oil" to "Play On Words".

Her writing style of light, simple, and cleaver. This read was fast but enjoyable. I found myself smiling at some of the lines. I quite enjoy the line, "You’re the rumble to my lightning", "Kerosene among timbers," and "Once upon a time, I thought I might be crazy." are just a few lines from this book this book.

I'm already looking forward to more poetry books by R.R. Noall.

(I was given a copy to review. This is my 100% honest thoughts.)

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