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51t0_CDSWo_CLSwan Dive is a metaphor in title. The serene bird and the writer.

Alike in their graces as seen by their peers; alike too in the unease of their veiled dispositions.

She skims the surface of a tranquil pond, often with her mate for life. Necks entwined or face to face to form a perfect heart in the moonlight. Seemingly effortless, she weathers all climate and rarely takes flight. Serene and strong; all amaze in her glory.

And yet, a sharp decline at times, into the still waters. Here, where it’s dark and silent, she does her toiled work of forage; rooting deep beneath the surface in a fretful twist of feather and beak; a ferocious weilding of webbed feet, fighting to balance what is now askew. Cold there and breathless. A place unknown. Only to surface again.

Or off the highest board she freefalls, arms outstretched like a glider; gawking eyes on her form from the poolside. The plunge. Hit bottom. Fierce climb toward light. To the applause. To the podium. And life is just like that.

A Swan Dive

Swan Dive by Lynn O'Grady was a joy to read, not only because of her poetry but because of her art in this book as well. There's a mix of different poems all write greatly. Some love, so about life. Lynn's crafting of words made this poetry book great fun to read. Lines like 'As a canopy of emeralds dance about her" & "amid the rock bottom wreckage' are just two lines that I've found that I re-read just because I enjoyed them. The art in here is a nice balance with the poetry. I found I liked 'chaos' and 'arctic dawn'. Overall, if you enjoy poetry and art than this is worth the read.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, This doesn't in any way influence my opinion on it. So, this is a 100% honest review by me.

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