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Still Can't Do My Daughter's Hair is the latest book by author William Evans, founder of Black Nerd Problems. Evans is a long-standing voice in the performance poetry scene, who has performed at venues across the country and been featured on numerous final stages, including the National Poetry Slam and Individual World Poetry Slam. Evans's commanding, confident style shines through in these poems, which explore masculinity, fatherhood, and family, and what it means to make a home as a black man in contemporary America.

I wanted to read this right away because I haven't read many male modern poets and I'm glad I did. With this book, I went in with a wide open mind and found that these poems are written with personal feelings and passion.
My two favorite poems are 'My Wife is Shaped Like' and 'Still Can't Do My Daughter's Hair'. The real-life themes that fill this book make it a must-read. No matter who you are this poetry book will open your eyes in some way. My mind is already open, I'm a strong believer in always having an open mind and so I was surprised that this book somehow opened my mind even more.
Like every poetry book, I didn't enjoy every single poem but more of them I did. William's writing is straight to the point with a powerful wordplay. I look forward to seeing what William writes next.

(I was given this copy to review. This is 100% an honest review!)

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