Kindle Kandy No. 2

1:00 AM

Kindle Kandy is a Friday weekly bookish feature hosted over at The Book Dame. We scan our shelves and e-readers to rediscover books that we own but have not read!

Fractured by

Blinded by a mysterious seizure when she was three years old, Bash Martin has managed to carve out a normal life for herself as an adult. Yet she still yearns for a deeper connection with her twin sister Lily, who has always been jealous of the attention their parents bestowed upon Bash due to her disability.

A dream vacation seems like the perfect chance to heal their relationship, but Bash soon realizes there is something terribly wrong with Lily and that her sister is hiding a dark secret. And when a supernatural fire engulfs their hotel and corpses come back to life, the sisters are plunged into a nightmarish world that threatens not only their lives, but their very souls.

I have had this on my Kindle for over six months, not sure why I haven't read it but going to here soon, not that I have re-read what's it about, I many start it as soon as I'm done with the book I am reading now...

What book have you been dying to read?

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  1. I have a one-click Kindle obsession and have SO many books on it that I have got to read! I just keep loading it up with books like a crazy book lady! LOL! I'll check out this meme; it looks fun and like it could help remind me what I've been meaning to read forever! :)

  2. This just sounds too good to leave on the shelf. I love suspense. I hope that you get a chance to read it soon. I would love to see what you think.


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