Review of Descendants (Disney Channel Original Movie)

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Descendants! I've been wanting to see this movie, and to tell the truth I watched it before it aired on T.V. by the Disney Channel App with my younger brother. We both liked the opening song, he is still singing it. I enjoyed it watching it with him and the movie.There was a twist at the end that I didn't see and it make the whole movie better.
I wanted to read the book 'The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants By Melissa de la Cruz'

Jay! I think he would have to be one of my favorite male character in this movie, because of his personality!
I thought that he would be my less favorite because his father is Jafar and I'm not a fan of Jafar but I liked Jay's coolness, and he can tell he has a good heart, when he's not stealing.
Evie! She's could be the fairest of them all! ;) She is simple a sweet heart. I knew right away that she was per-goodness but trying to fit in the world she grow up in. I love her magic mirror, and her blue hair.   

Carlos! So I wasn't sure about playing him because I've only seen him in Jessie but I was so, so wrong. He brought the role to life. I don't think anyone couldn't have played Carlos any better then him. I love the part where he's running from the dog, climes a tree. That was perfect for that character.

Mal! First I have to say, I love, love her purple hair! It is so sick, her style is perfects for her character. I enjoyed the back and forth her character goes through the movie. Good, bad, unsure, and more!

I think this would have to be my favorite song from then movie, because it has a Broadway feel to is and the singing it amazing, , did a great job in this role. I also liked Rotten to the Core, for lyrics that would have to be favorite in this movie.

Over all this was a good Disney Channel Movie, I haven't like most of the Disney Channe Movies (Other then Teen Beach 1 & 2) in the last past 2 years; so I was happy with the outcome of this movie. I am in love this this retelling or after telling of fairtales. 

Did you guys watch it? How did you like it?

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