11/5 – Where You Blog

3:44 AM

  • 11/5 – Where You Blog - Bonus for a picture!
My laptop…. And that goes everywhere I go. Living-room, kitchen, coffee shop; the three main ones. My laptop is glued to me. This is where I put everything. My writings, photos, videos, music, you name it, it might be on there. It’s new I got it before summer started. It’s a Windows 8, and I love it because I can easily split the screen watch my CW or Netflix app while blogging or writing. Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, The 100, The Vampire Dairy’s; all right there quick to get to. It’s a dark blue and has a Deathly Hallows sticker. (Right next to the ‘HP’ laptop logo). So, I blog everywhere I don’t have one place. 

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