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 Air Heads, Airheads what I'm I going to do with you. When growing up my sibling and I use to eat them. And there back in my life, yet they are still as good as I remember. When I opened these I shared with my family. My little brothers love, love them. One of my brother has gone and gotten a few packs of his own.
I enjoy how they are in little bits, easy to eat when working or watching movies. The flavors are good and are close to the flavors I remember as a kid. The watermelon (a.k.a. the green one) 
lemon (a.k.a the yellow one) would have had to be my two favorite flavors. The packaging is bright, colorful, and it simple to open. If you have not yet have had these you should there yummy.

So, this isn't my first time using Luden's, Luden's are a brand I've used many times in the past. But it is my first time using the watermelon flavor ones. I didn't need them as I don't have a cold. But my mom was using them the other day as she had a bit of a cough and sore throught and she said they are great! They tastes good & works! The color and packages look nice & clean.

These are the only two items I don't use. But did give it to someone who dose us them & the said they are great. Works well & dose what it says.

I got these items from influenster for a honest review.

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