Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

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November 4: Top Ten Books I Want To Reread (or if you don't reread...would reread in an ideal world)

I'm doing books I Want To Reread!

Harry Potter & Romeo and Juliet are ones that I've reread more then once; and plan on rereading them again. I love both, so much that they never get old to me.
I've reread them so many time, but I still will and want to reread them over and over, over, over and over, over, over.... (few hours later) over, and over, over....

I read The Outsiders when I was really young. Been wanting to get a copy so I can read it once more.

Inkheart, first can I just say I LOVE the name of this book. I just think its one of the best named books'. Would also love to reread it.

Both of these are ones that I just read this year and oh, my, my, my. I read them so fast and loved them so, so much but rereading them would only make them better. In my top ten best books I've read this you. Love, love, love them!

I love Sarah Dessen; I could and would reread any of her books any day, any time. Her style is simple but amazing. Love her!

Fangirl.... what can I say I'm a fangirl when it come to this book. There was so, so many parts of this book that was like me. This is one I could read millions of times and still love.

Tiger Eyes was one I read when I first started learning the joys of reading. So, it has a soft spot in my heart.
Avalon High would have to be my favorite Meg Cabot book I read when I was a teen (Also enjoyed the Disney movie) So, I would like to give it a reread.

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  1. Fangirl, most definitely! And TFios as well. :)

    1. Those are both that I hope I get to reread again here soon! I love them so, so much.


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