#BookBlogWriMo 11/4 – Why You Blog

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11/4 – Why You Blog - Again, self-explanatory.

Why I blog… it’s quite simple. I blog to get uses to people reading my writings. I love writing. Coming up with character, plots, twists and turns Making up worlds where I have all the power to make anything happen, where I can know the what others are waiting, wanting to know. I love it. But sharing is the hard part. The part that keeps my stories lucked away. So, this blog it here to help me get over that. That part of being shy of others reading the words pouring from my head to my fingertips. The fact that I know there will be people who don’t like my writing but it’s the ‘What if no one dose?’ or so many other ‘What if’s” the come flying into this head on mine. This blog has helped me a bit but coming to a ground leave that countless of people are at and I know there are readers at, books. Most of my blog it about books. This help because I love stories and I know there are millions of others who love stories and building the bridged over to the world where people we my writings is one that I find fun, enjoyable; one that I don’t want to leave. So, I hope one day I’ll be able to share 110% fully and not even think of all those bad ‘What if’s’. 

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